13 May, 2020

(Immediate) future of tourism in the wake of relaxing SARS-CoV-2 shutdowns: Small steps to a temporary new “normal”

The AIEST*, the International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism, has embarked on allocating, interpreting as well as reporting about key ramifications of the SARS-CoV-2 crisis.
The third short report, provided by a joint work of 25 co-authors, including myself, is out now. It topicalizes the (immediate) future of tourism in the wake of relaxing SARS-CoV-2 shutdowns.

This report can be downloaded at https://www.aiest.org/news/

In short: Many countries are now beginning to implement the first relaxations in the SARS-CoV-2 related shutdown. Even if tourism service providers are, due to their nature (mobility and human proximity), among the last to benefit from such relaxation measures, possible developments in the revival of the "tourism" phenomenon are already becoming apparent. The present report discusses these on the basis of three specific questions:
(1) What should national tourism actors prepare themselves for in terms of opening up markets in the next 12 months?
(2) What changes will tourism in your country have to adapt to in the next 12 months with regard to the behavior of their guests?
(3) In your opinion, what are the relevant longer-term trends in and for tourism in your country?

*The AIEST is the oldest international association of scientific and practical experts with particular interest in tourism. It is a unique social network with around 300 members in 49 countries on all continents. This network is devoted to an interdisciplinary approach to serving the needs of research in tourism. It includes an Academic as well as a Practitioner stream that allow an international scientific and practical exchange. The AIEST has contributed much to an objective understanding of the modern phenomenon of tourism, and to the scientific acceptance of studies in this field. Its members help to pinpoint the latest developments and trends in tourism, and to devise farsighted solutions for new problems as they arise.
Find more at https://www.aiest.org/aiest-profile/profile/. 

10 May, 2020

Verkürzte Meinungen und falsche Zitate in den Medien: Eine eigene Sammlung

Meine Bereitschaft zur Einordnung von Auswirkungen und Handlungsoptionen rund um Corona in den Medien führt mitunter zu nicht erwünschten Resultaten. In der Folge befindet sich eine offene Liste von Beispielen, in welchen diese Zusammenarbeit nicht ganz wunschgemäss verlief oder unerwünschte Resultate produzierte. A suivre...