29 April, 2018

Serviced Apartments - finally arriving in Switzerland for the benefitof all

Accommodation models are becoming increasingly hybrid. What began with the rapid spread of B & B continues with a growing number of serviced apartments. Thus, a globally widespread form of accommodation (finally) sets foot in Switzerland - for the benefit of the guests as well as the providers.

Overtourism - How do we not destroy what we travel for?

An exclusive market study by DGT and AIEST for the ITB Berlin

Speakers: Profs. Jürgen Schmude (President of DGT), Harald Pechlaner (President of AIEST), Christian Laesser (Secretary General of AIEST)

Tourism is threatening to suffocate itself: due to the limited space, further growth in tourism inevitably leads to ever more and ever greater conflicts in tourist destinations worldwide. A quantitative and qualitative study presented at ITB recently reported about the status quo of overtourism in selected European destination. What differences and similarities exist between urban and rural destinations, which measures offer possible solutions and which strategies do tourism experts regard as promising? The video includes a presentation of the study by Profs. Schmude and Pechlaner as well as an interview with me on possible measures for the communities affected by overtourism.

Please check out the video at Overtourism: Status Quo, Massnahmen, Best Practices europäischer Tourismus-Destinationen (in German), and my interview with NZZ: Wir haben das Reisen in den Genen.

12 April, 2018

Learning from dairy farmers means learning to win!

Dairy farmers are trying to regain dwindling margins.
Tourism should be acting like them.

No - I did not smoke too much. No, I am not an old Communist who - with the aim of "learning to win" - looks back romantically on Soviet-style socialism. Rather, in the last few days, two messages have gotten me to hit the keys and write this short column.