25 October, 2017

Destination branding: It is time to surrender in ​dignity to theimpossibility of this task!

Destination branding is one of the key instruments in destination marketing. The article shows that we should end the dance around this golden calf sooner than later.

Only a few are claiming that branding is not one of the key instruments in destination marketing. A destination must be positioned in the market, and guests should get a clear picture of what is going on, and what values, etc., a destination embraces. In short, destinations should have an emotional and thus binding meaning for their guests.

I allow myself to raise my critical voice at this point: Let's stop burning our budgets specifically for destination branding. Why? Because I think we've all gotten a wrong picture for years. Let me bring forward some arguments to explain how I come to this conclusion.

07 October, 2017

Local suppliers in the world of global sales platforms: David vs.Goliath?

Hotels, in particular, holiday hotels, are challenged by the dominance of global booking platforms. As shown in the following remarks, it is worthwhile to pause and take a look at the sales and distribution as a whole.