Selection of ongoing projects

Travel Market Switzerland

Ever since1972 (since 1995 by myself), we have conducted a regular survey on the outbound travel behavior of the Swiss population. The databases (Travel Market Switzerland) are still the most extensive ones on private trips by the Swiss resident population. They have served as a foundation for numerous of my publications, by which I provide a deep insight into different aspects of Swiss travel behavior.

Travel Market China

Building on the exhaustive experience with the project “Travel Market Switzerland,” this project provides a valid and reliable empirical insight into the (1) travel decision-making and (2) travel behavior of the Mainland Chinese upper middle class, both in the context of domestic and international outbound trips.

Business analytics (Travel retailer industry)

In this project, I have been conducting an annual study on the ongoing financial performance and prospects of the Swiss travel retailer industry. Over the years, I have been gaining an excellent insight into drivers and inhibitors of this type of businesses, which allows me to provide recommendations for business development in the future.

Business models/ strategies in tourism

Many different projects and industry as well as academic talks in this domain aim at overcoming some apparent challenges in tourism, including improving productivity, securing margins in an international business environment, market and sales-oriented services and offers, and development of difficult-to-imitate competitive advantages.

St. Gallen Model for Destination Management

The St. Gallen Model for Destination Management (SGDM) is an approach for market-oriented destination planning and development. It summarizes the spatial behavior of visitors to understand visitor profiles and activities (What are visitors doing? Where? With whom? How much do they spend? etc.). The understanding of a destination's portfolio of strategic visitor flows enables decision makers to align projects, products, and services with travel motives and visitor behavior and to orchestrate activities and processes.

Digitization of tourism

This project aims at summoning up the state-of-the-art of different aspects related to the digitization of tourism and at showing possible future avenues of developments. The aspects include Sharing Economy/ Business Models / New Platforms, Data / Statistics, Infrastructures, Digitization of business processes, Marketing, labor, structural change, knowledge gaps, etc.

Customer Acceptance /Value of Autonomous Driving

Automotive manufacturers and other technology companies are constantly demonstrating how close they are to the realization of autonomous vehicles. It is however unclear, whether consumers are also prepared for this new form of mobility. The project intends to provide information on the willingness and willingness to use autonomous vehicles in road traffic.