14 October, 2019

The future of DMOs - is it in the past?

Recently, critical voices have been questioning the role and works of Destination Management/ Marketing Organizations (DMOs). In exaggerated terms one could even speak of an increasing problem of legitimacy, in a sense “Who needs those organizations and why?” But to simply cold-swat DMOs is not the right thing to do. Rather one must question which tasks DMOs should and could take over in the future.

In the past, DMO had a broad foundation of their legitimacy

30 April, 2019

“Picking up visitors" was yesterday - Myths in destination marketing must be demystified

by Pietro Beritelli and Christian Laesser

Please note: This contribution is an abstract of a paper in the recent “Jahrbuch der Schweizerischen Tourismuswirtschaft”. An English version is attached (click here to download).

Current approaches to destination marketing with the aim of "picking up/ attracting visitors" with the help of communication and sales promotion are under increasing pressure. Much of (destination) "marketing" is habitual, because everyone is doing it that way and it is concluded that it is having an effect. We oppose this: "Attracting visitors" through tourism organisations has never really worked and will work even less in the future.

12 January, 2019

Dynamic pricing in winter sports resorts: No trivial "exercise"

More and more winter sports resorts are implementing dynamic pricing systems to strengthen their profitability. However, the dominant orientation towards demand-dependent sales maximization is not enough. Prices inhibit a large number of different properties, which should be integrated into pricing. And then there is another important ingredient missing from any “normal” dynamic pricing (in other serice industries): limited capacities.

29 October, 2018

Automated driving: It's not only about the technology but also about the people!

Together with Alphabet Fleet Management (Switzerland), we at the SBB Lab at the University of St. Gallen have carried out a study on customer benefits and acceptance of automated vehicles in Switzerland. In contrast to the emerging economies of China, Turkey or Brazil, where more people are interested in automated driving, the study shows that people in Switzerland are more skeptical about it. More than half of the respondents are not interested in using a fully automatic vehicle.

02 October, 2018

Dealing with overtourism: A complex solution for a simple problem

This contribution starts easy and ends complex. Overtourism is a simple and easy-to-explain challenge. Solutions might be quick and easy. However to get there, we are encountering a serious challenge: The allocation of property rights with regard to public goods.